Obama Completes Successful Marxist Americas Summit

The sweet Castro Boys, and statists Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega are now lined up with the freshman of the western hemisphere Marxist presidents, Barack Hussein Obama. Chavez generously committed to set Obama up finally with the Taliban for his long-sought alliance to free Afghanistan’s women. Deep tongue kissing was the order of the day. Previous discussion of Obama’s profound ignorance was set aside, at least for the week.

Our joint ally, the Taliban, are lovable sweethearts

Our joint ally, the Taliban, are lovable sweethearts

Agreed:  Capitalism is Dead forever . . .

Agreed: Capitalism is Dead forever . . .

Wikipedia Daniel Ortega

With the 2008 economic downturn Ortega said that capitalism is in its death throes and the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) is the most advanced, Christian and fairest project. He also said God was punishing the United States with the financial crisis for trying to impose its economic principles on poor countries. “It’s incredible that in the most powerful country in the world, which spends billions of dollars on brutal wars … people do not have enough money to stay in their homes.”[31][32]

There must be TWO Obamas!

Obama, last year:

Today, only a few months later, Obama decides the American economy is plenty healthy enough to fund the failed Cuban government, too, with a fat slice of taxes taken off the top of remittances from Americans into Cuba he will now permit. Repression in Cuba is no longer a problem; instead, repression in Cuba has become the model for Obama’s America:

American Journalists were distraught that Obama failied to place a wreath at the internment site of fallen press hero Che Guevara during his Marxist love tour. Maybe next year.


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  1. Yup! And Obama has now firmly established himself as the chief recruiter for additional FARC and Al Qaeda terrorists.

    What better reason does a young terrorist need to join than a weak, inept and naive adversary? North Korea and Iran are quite happy this week as well.

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