Greedy Capitalists Rip Off Medical Industry

This sinister duo (below) of Greedy Capitalists ripped off their scapegoated and perennial whipping boy, the American Medical Industry, for $62,709, paid by the University of Chicago Hospitals to Michelle Obama for “executive” not showing up for “work.”

Heist Team discusses next big score

Heist Team discusses next big score

The rumors here, Michelle Obama Paid $63K in 2008 For Job She Didn’t Go To are that Michelle is not entirely pleasant to be around; thus the hospital paid her to stay away.

Paying people who don’t work was the previous Obama mantra. Paying greedy executives who don’t work – now that’s change!

Michell Obama Got $63K For No Show Job?


One Response

  1. Obama is just being consistent here.

    He is also taking this to a new level…. find an oranization to take over, run it into the ground and create an entirely new generation of dependents. Paying UAW personnel to make cars that nobody wants is a good example. Pretty soon they will not be working on the assembly line to save money on parts. They will still be paid, but won’t be doing anything… This at its core – is the Democrats dream.

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