How Captain Phillips Was Given Up by Obama

How did Obama give up Captain Phillips?

Obama is unfit for command; and those he commands know it.

Obama failed to lead.

American military training addresses the situation of being captured very explicitly and unambiguously: an American service member, having been captured, must make every reasonable attempt to escape.

Captain Phillips escaped his Somalian pirate capturers, at extreme personal risk. Captain Phillips executed his standing orders to escape brilliantly, and he did escape. Captain Phillips overcame his immediate fear, and at great personal risk, defying his captors, jumped overboard that enclosed lifeboat. Military training is uniform; an enlisted man, an officer, is expected to make every reasonable attempt to escape. Every military person knows every other military person, his comrades, brothers and sisters in arms, are fully and deeply aware of those orders. This mutual awareness is part of what has made them the ultimately reliable military force in the world.

Why wasn’t the United States Navy prepared for Captain Phillips’ escape?

“The escape attempt by Capt Richard Phillips was witnessed by a US navy ship nearby but happened too fast for it to come to his aid, NBC News says.” – BBC

Obama forgot to take his briefing for captive situations, you suggest, and I hear you.

The deficiency and inadequacy of Obama goes much, much deeper.

The US Navy, under the dubious and inconstant command of Obama, was otherwise occupied, and unprepared for the ordered escape of Captain Richard Phillips.

The US Navy, at the command of Obama, was not available to assist Captain Richard Phillips complete his brave and otherwise successful escape attempt.

The US Navy was itself hostage at the time; but it was not trying to escape. The US Navy was occupied trying to figure out how to coexist with a president who grovels to foreign, often verbally and openly hostile, royalty. With a president who actively discourages reasonable American self-defense. With a president who is openly ambivalent, at best, to the noble and gallant forces he commands.

Obama is unfit to command. That’s why the US Navy was unprepared for the escape of Captain Phillips. Obama himself aborted Phillips’ escape, thwarted it, discouraged his assitance, and sent the honorable Captain back into pirate captivity.

Obama refused, declined, and ignored his own duties. Obama distracted his officers from their own duty. Phillips escaped, but nobody, and there were many on the scene, was available to assist him. Obama FAILED TO LEAD.

But his failure can be no surprise.

Attire of Friends & Family Arabs in East Africa

Attire of Friends & Family Arabs in East Africa




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