Obama Undermines Religion

To end the greed of man, and change human nature, collectivists consider it a requirement to weaken religion to the greatest extent possible. The successful statist (collectivism causes statism) must unplug humankind from its religious beliefs, and discourage religious practice. Historically, collectivism has always tolerated religion only when politically necessary; and strangled it whenever possible.

It is no surprise that one of Obama’s most important messages is that “we are not a Christian nation.” We indeed are a Christian nation. Our laws are based on Judeo-Christian philosophy and inseparable from it, for example.

Obama will change our laws. Obama must destroy Christianity in America if he is to maximize control of the State, end human greed (except for government greed), and re-engineer the American spirit to meet His expectations. God mistakenly gave humans self-interest and yes, greed; Obama must take it away; deus ex-president fashion. The Constitution acknowledges human self-interest; Obama not only ignores the religion of Americans, he ignores these social and economic principles upon which America became the greatest Republic.

Obama’s strong backing of radical legislation to end tax deductibility of charitable donations to religious and other organizations of only a few weeks ago is another manifestation of his clear intent, with respect to diminishing and finally ending religion in America. (Obama’s actions speak volumes; but news media largely refrains from publicizing them for good reason).

Listen as Obama speaks for American Christians to the World: “We are not a Christian Nation.”


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