Obama Heaven! Nobody Hiring But ACORN

Ready to take your place in the New Obama State, shaking down greedy capitalists for mortgages to home buyers who don’t have a prayer of paying for them?

YOU HAVE NO CHOICE but take the jobs where Obama decides they will be. You will break arms to redistribute the wealth of greedy capitalists; or you will starve. Greedy capitalists and free markets are a failed system; only Obama has the ethics and moral values (Marxist) necessary to command an economy (to death).

Banks and auto manufacturers and anybody else is not hiring now, only ACORN.

(Of course, if you have significant tax cheating credentials, Obama will put you in government, possibly running the IRS).

Story here: Thank heavens! The Stimulus checks arrived and ACORN is hiring!

PA ACORN is hiring an organizer to recruit & mobilize low and moderate income people to win on a variety of issue based legislative campaigns, including passing health care reform, stopping foreclosures, and increasing resources for local schools. The organizer will also be responsible for working with grassroot leaders to identify local issues for local campaigns

You read right. Your great-grandchildren’s tax dollars are funding ACORN today, for the socialistic purposes cited. As a bonus, substantial procurement of fraudulent Democrat votes is paid for in Obama’s Heaven (ACORN vote fraud continues (updated)). Only ACORN is hiring today; the greedy capitalists have been all but destroyed by Obama’s no-doc, nothing down mortgages.

When Obama can no longer borrow from his mentors the Red Chinese (of the vastly superior infrastructure) ACORN will shake down American farmers, directly.



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  1. The Brown-Shirts are indeed hiring – and are using your tax dollars to do it.

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