U.S. Arrogant, Derisive, says Obama

Instead of joining the European Union and redistributing wealth EVERYWHERE, the U.S. has been Arrogant and Derisive in its international relationships, states international expert and professional-class community organizer Obama.

For Obama’s next miracle, he will provide housing in Nigeria and Cameroon by extracting flexible, no-doc, nothing down mortgages from American banks, like he did in Chicago (those super, sub-prime loans sure worked out GREAT for Obama!)


One Response

  1. This is lame. No wonder nobody visits the site. If you don’t think that America, especially American leadership showed arrogance and wasn’t dismissive in relation to Europe’s role in global economic, politics and the war on terror, then you are so far beyond the scope of reality, there’s obviously going to be no argument worth have with you. P.S. the “teleprompter” meme propagated by echo chambers like this is pure nonsense. The audacity of this, especially after eight years of a man-child who couldn’t speak coherent sentences WITH or WITHOUT a teleprompter speaks volumes to your own character (or lack thereof). I’ll never be back here. Toodles. Enjoy your online obscurity.

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