Statism, Hitler, Obama GREAT: NY Times

Your ObaMessiah has brought the bountiful benefits of Statism to light for NY Times “writer” David Leonhardt, in “Thoughtless Nuance,” a story of March 31. (In edit, please access the NY Times article through the Newsbusters link below (at the bottom); the link is “Barack Obama is just like Hitler“)

Statist Hitler had smashing good results with Obama’s Keynesian strategies in 1930 Germany, according to Leonhardt. The analysis directly from moonbat Keynes at the time: Has Hitler solved unemployment? In fact Hitler started his own version of the Obama Youth, and employed slave labor, just like Obama plans. Obama says his mandatory national service plan, imaginatively entitled “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act” will cultivate volunteerism among the nation’s youth.

Slave labor was a key ingredient in Hitler’s Statist success, as Obama has realized.

Calling himself insane, for good reason, Leonhardt goes on to describe Roosevelt’s economic fumbling as a success against decline. Success was “halting”, and again, “halting,” but, “yes, stimulus works.”

The present writer is convinced of only the actual history, however, not the reconstructed version trotted out every week or so by the historically detached NYTimes. Leonhardt’s explanation is simple: during Roosevelt’s decade long depression, New Deal workers were not counted as employed.

Roosevelt’s greatest stimulus success? Starting WWII. Obama apparently plans to attack Great Britain and Israel. Sort of Hitleresque, I think.

Leonhardt continues with further slight of brain, to explain deftly how excessive stimulus will not lead to inflation. Our big problem during the last 80 years has been deflation; so we shouldn’t worry about inflation. Thank you for this gem.

As for Leonhardt’s syndrome, the imagined “diminished standing of the United States,” Obama’s plans are working well. Obama (Geithner) has the Chinese creating a new world reserve currency.

I could continue, but here are some other opinions about this NY Times “opinion.”

More here:

Newsbusters: NYTimes: Obama’s Economic Ideas Great… Just Like Hitler’s Were?

The Obama File, 4/3/09: This article will move to the “Bogus Potus” division.


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