The Solid Foundation Of Change

Obama never said that the foundation of his presidency would be a tax cut for 95% of Americans.

Tax cuts for 95% of Americans was the foundation of his CAMPAIGN to be president.

Big difference. Obama makes a blur between change, and lies.

The “waters have not been muddied”; but they have been defiled a good deal more profoundly. It was not Republicans or the McCain campaign defiling America with false promises; that was and is the intent and defining characteristic of Obama.

The obvious and arrogant lie about “not one dime more” is quickly forgotten by Obama; it is just another small drop amidst an ocean of lies. When the convenience and utility of any Obama facade or artfully constructed position diminishes, it is revoked more easily and quickly than a soiled tie, but without as much reflection.

What “position” of Obama is solid enough upon which to build your future, your retirement, the education of your children; the finances of your business? Watch what Obama does; his words are suitable only for comic relief, and their severe inconstancy broadly discourage economic activity, investment and production of goods and services.

Perhaps perceptive journalists would categorize these events, position reversals by Obama as “change;” however the foundation of the Obama administration is not change, it is lies.

How many lies from Obama can you find in this historical record of Obama’s true proclivity – arrogantly deceptive packaging?

H/T: The Obama Files


One Response

  1. Good Observation,

    Campaign promises are made to be broken if you are a Democrat. Our media has given such a ‘pass’ to the Chosen One for blatant lies.

    Any Republican proven to have lied like this would be skewered daily.

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