Obama Fires GM CEO

Obama, with extensive community organizing (and ACORN instructor) business acumen and mettle filling his sails, has judged it time to send the greedy capitalist GM CEO Rick Wagoner packing; news of just this afternoon.

Rumor has it that Obama likes Franklin Raines, an industrial-strength manager without greed or capitalism, and significant demonstrated management skills from FNMA, to fill the key government/business slot. Raines was greedless enough to rig the books at FNMA to enhance management bonuses, which also qualified him as Obama’s campaign economic adviser. The only better CEO article would be a tax cheat; but those have all been snatched up. Jim Johnson, with sparkling credentials from FMAC loan manipulation, and manufacturing credit default swaps, is also in the running. Johnson starred as Obama campaign lead in the selection of idiot embarrassment non-greedy non-capitalist Joe Biden.

Obama is also jotting down sketches for the design of the new Suburban model for next year. Hint: the trailier hitch is on the front of this one.

Thank goodness for such a versatile president; a trueTeleprompter For All Seasons. The only thing we might ever need greedy capitalists for is to tax them.

Story here: Change! Obama Fires GM CEO Rick Wagoner


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