Obama Youth Corps Demonstration Of Abilities

Because of Obama, I am . . .

What of self-reliance, Obama?

Obama has turned these young men into his dependents.

Obama thinks they will turn you into his dependents, next.

ACORN is the model; and it works just fine; if you are Obama. An absolute perversion of the human condition, of human effort, of human individuality -FUNDED BY AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.

Doubtless, greedy capitalists are to blame.


3 Responses

  1. […] The Obama Youth Corps has been summoned. […]

  2. I’m not sure what this is or where it came from, but I noticed where some misunderstanding may be coming from.

    These are black kids. Black, urban culture has stuff like stepping, a kind of performance not too different than this. Also, there’s an element of Black Power here. Yeah, brings up some old, bad blood, but I don’t see them saying “white devil” in this clip, do you? So, taken into context, with a history of the black power movement and urban culture in mind, these are kids expressing their pride in a black man who managed to get elected in a historically racist country. When they see every day their peers dying, stuck on drugs, buying BS rap, and going to jail, Obama is their hero. I don’t think he’s the best guy for prez out there, but y’know, let the kids have their moment. It’s encouraging, and may it give many the hope to rise above their environment, even with silly marching.

  3. […] Obama has demonstrated he will clean house, and name the executives he wants – probably from the Obama Youth Corps (which of these promising young men will become the instant bank executive, because of […]

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