Obama Spokesman

Obama first made absolutely certain the AIG bonuses – which were known to all Democrats including Geithner – got paid for sure.

Then Obama stoked a  vast public outrage against the hated capitalists/bankers.

Never let a crisis pass without taking advantage of it – includes “never ignore an opportunity to cause a good crisis.”

This is precisely the Alinskian method of seizing political control; and Obama is the master.

The end of destroying capitalism and free markets in favor of government, political and bureaucratic control of all components of the economy, justifies any means.

Gibbs knows the real story and is rendered a stuttering fool by it, same as all his Obama press conferences.

The language to bar the AIG bonuses was in the bill; upon due consideration (and quickly reviewing Rules for Radicals) they took it out!

H/T: Moonbattery Democrat Grandstanding Roundly Denounced


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