Ahmadinejad Lines Up With Obama

“Capitalism as a system has failed.” “The free market economy has failed.” – Ahmadinejad

“Final verdict on an economic philosophy that has completely failed.” “Broken system; failed philosophy.” – Barack Obama (about 60 seconds into the video).

These guys sound like twins, and they are twins. Ahmadinejad is is no doubt pleased that Obama has reached out so sweetly to the Taliban, Obama’s overtures are producing big dividends on the international terrorist scene.

The only difference is that Ahmadinejad didn’t strongarm Illinois banks to write nothing-down, no-income check, no-credit check subprime mortgages at prime mortgage rates, like Obama did (here and here). Achmadinejad would approve, however. Obama has brought down much bigger capitalist game (the World’s economy) than Achmadinejad. But the goals are the same, on the whole.

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: Capitalist System Has Failed



TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s president blamed the West on Wednesday for the global economic meltdown, saying capitalism had failed.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at the opening of the Economic Cooperation Organization summit in Tehran that brings together 10 regional countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

“The capitalist economy is on the verge of collapse. Capitalism as a system has failed,” Ahmadinejad told the summit. “The free market economy has failed.”

Instead, the hard-line leader called for a new world economic system to replace capitalism that is based on respecting human rights, but did not provide any details.

Ahmadinejad has repeatedly lashed out at the West for the current financial crisis, a tactic that many analysts say is meant to deflect criticism from the president’s mismanagement of Iran’s economy.

But his rhetoric has also gotten him in trouble back home from those who believe he has spent too much time slamming the West and not enough trying to fix Iran’s domestic problems.

The president, who is up for re-election in June, has been criticized by many conservatives and reformists for his mismanagement of the economy. Iran has double-digit inflation and chronic unemployment, which stands at about 30 percent by unofficial estimates.

Obama and Ahmadinejad are practically kissing cousins. Mismanagement of the economy by fascist government is the successful system they prefer, over free markets.


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