UBS Vettes 300 For Obama Cabinet

No Problem Hiring Staff Now!

No Problem Hiring Staff Now!

300 of the best and brightest tax cheats have been selected from among 47,000 ordinary tax cheats by UBS AG. UBS has passed their names along to Tax Cheat and US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner at no charge to the Obama White House. Geithner is thrilled at the prospect of adding more tax cheats like himself; he has been having a very difficult time finding enough tax cheats to run Treasury and IRS. Geithner’s top treasury deputy candidates are dropping like flies, fearing the administration may actually QUESTION somebody. Nazareth, Atkinson Decline to Endure Vetting Process, Adding to Geithner’s Strain.

People familiar with the matter said Ms. Nazareth and Ms. Atkinson withdrew in part because of the long vetting process, which had dragged on for weeks and included several rounds of intense questioning. Treasury is now said to be considering another person as deputy — H. Rodgin Cohen, chairman of top law firm Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, who has been an adviser to virtually every firm on Wall Street, two people familiar with the matter said. Mr. Cohen declined to comment.

Intense questions? Who should have to put up with that intense question nonesense to get a job working for a tax cheat?

Geithner now has a rich supply of tax cheats like himself who have already been vetted! The Obama administration continues to bring the best and the brightest to DC to clean it out.

UBS: We Have 47,000 Tax Cheats; Here Are 300 Of the Brightest For You

On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that Obama supported legislation authored by Levin that would tighten U.S. tax laws and influence more bonafide tax cheats to get real jobs working in his government.


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