Model Economy of Obama – Red China

According to Obama, “the economic philosophy of John McCain has failed.”

The economic philosophy of government dictating mortgage interest rates on a case-by-case basis to American banks, however, is wildly successful, unless you consider economic ruination to be other than a success.

Not only does Obama consider economic ruination a spectacular success, he considers Red China’s economic philosophy also a spectacular success.

“All of China’s infrastructure is now vastly superior to ours . . .” Obama said this; and Obama said “the economic philosophy of John McCain has failed.”

My strong expectation is that Obama considers the economic philosophy of Islam also “vastly superior to ours.”

The economic philosophy of a turnip must also be “vastly superior to ours,” if Obama considers the history of American government’s foray into mortgage banking such a success; or if Obama considers “all of China’s infrastructure” now “vastly superior to ours” which it obviously and palpably is not.

Listen once more (below) to Obama as he extols the “vastly superior to ours” infrastructure, in which there is no medicine available in vast rural tracts; along with a few million other deficiencies that would be absolutely intolerable in the US, and have been absolutely intolerable for a century. China is on the whole an infrastructural disaster compared to the United States.

Chinese, or Arab Intelligence Agent?

Chinese, or Arab Intelligence Agent?

Obama would appoint sinophile Chas Freeman, Board Member of CNOOC (the third largest Chinese oil company) to head the U.S. National Intelligence Council. (Freeman is also an agent of various Arab governments, which alone makes him highly objectionable to those of us who consider Israel an ally (or consider ourselves Americans); see Hussein Hurls Dirty Shoe at Israel – AND US!) One must suspect that Obama and Freeman also consider Arab economic philosophy vastly more successful than John McCain’s.

Economic success is far beyond the perceptual powers of Obama, anyway. Obama is a captive to whatever economics lies in bribing Chicago street people to vote Democrat, or strong-arming banks to write impossible, poison pill, loans. To Obama, that is the morally correct extent of economic endeavor. It is really about all he knows.


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  1. Yeah Obama is a communist and islamic lover for suggesting that America should have better ports, trains, and airports than China. I agree with you my friend, he is a left-wing dirty socialist and a threat to the crony-capitalist policies favoring our wonderful multinational corporations.

  2. […] Obama can no longer borrow from his mentors the Red Chinese (of the vastly superior infrastructure) ACORN will shake down American farmers, […]

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