Subprime President Embraces Panic

Obama wants to be sure you understand we are in a crisis; things are going to get a lot worse.

Other presidents have been concerned about mass panic, given similar circumstances. Obama’s reaction is quite different. If Obama wanted to prevent panic, what would he say? I don’t think this is it:

Obama here encourages your panic, and even embraces your panic.

Panic is the real mantra of the Obama presidency. Free markets and capitalism, not subprime mortgages, have been our ruination, which is Obama’s case in chief. Our crisis is the inevitable result of our failed economic system – free markets. Hope, and change no longer need apply. Panic is what our President provides. Our system failed! Panic, and more subprime mortgages. Get ’em while you can. You’ll be confident that every other home “owner” has a government subprime mortgage, too.

Obama’s government will define all economic transactions. You were foolish to think free markets would not destroy you. Your panic today is a small price, and you should pay it gladly.


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