Subprime Nation

Even before the implosion of subprime mortgages written by thrifts (even family thrifts) with an ACORN gun, and a HUD gun, firmly applied to their heads, Obama’s considered opinion was that our economic philosophy in the United States was “failed.”

Obama was prescient. Or maybe he knew how many subprime loans he and ACORN and the congressional “black caucus” and HUD, under the CRA, had forced responsible American thrift banks to write.

subprime nation - that's what I am talking about

subprime nation - that's what I am talking about

(See: ACORN/Obama Thugs Now Seizing Homes)

Now, TODAY, ACORN and RULER Obama are AGAIN strong-arming banks to write more bad, nothing down, no income check, no credit check, mortgages. After subprime mortgages practically ate the entire economies of the world, Obama ORDERS “free market enterprise” to write more subprime mortgages to “buyers” who cannot pay.

Obama’s philosophy, his modus operandi, his economic solution, is exactly subprime. It is his subprime system he considers superior to capitalism, free markets, and personal responsibility. Capitalism failed; subprime succeeded.

All we have now is subprime; as far as the eye can see. Thanks, Obama; expert at scaring bank owner’s kids. You’re right. We have a crisis; but our crisis is you.


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