Only Government Can Help You Now

Obama Auntie's relief package late

Obama Auntie's relief package late

First Obama prime time press conference; a gala affair.

“We have the worst catastrophe since the great depression.”

“We are going to loose a $trillion this year, and a $trillion next year.”

“The credit crisis is not over.”

“The country could go into a negative spiral.”

This is supposed to make Americans confident in the future? Obama certainly does not give me confidence in our economy; how about you?

With friends like Obama, our economy needs no enemies.

Obama seems to want us to be afraid. Perhaps he has no understanding of the capitalist system at all. He just cannot grasp free market economics. The only economics he understands are those dictated by “governments,” politicians, and bureaucrats. He is an Alinskyite, or Marxist, to the bone.

Obama was himself a material cause of the subprime mortgage debacle, in which government forced bankers to make bad loans. The directly resulting collapse of banking and whole economies would never have happened without subprime mortgages, a personal project of Obama himself; and ACORN, and the congressional black caucus, and Alinsky, and other leftist extremists.

He blames the current economic collapse on tax cuts. He does not mention subprime mortgages.

For the 12 of the last 15 months, Obama has done nothing besides guarantee tax cuts to Americans. That was the central plank of his campaign platform.

Tax cuts, even though they had a dramatic impact in improving the economy in the first half, extending far into the second half, of the previous administration, have been all but taken off the table by Obama. Obama revises the history of the Bush tax cuts with a breath-taking arrogance.

Now, Obama needs you to be afraid.

(Update Feb-10)
Obama’s coup de grace in fear-mongering and open assault against America’s economy: “Only government can help you now.”

Private enterprise, “the private sector,” has been decimated – by government.


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