High on Obama’s Agenda – Amnesty for Illegals

Amnesty for illegal aliens is back with a vengeance; part of Obama’s “change” package!

Features of a US Congress amnesty bill Obama endorses and wants to sign ASAP –
o unlimited renewals on temporary visas
o legal status within 24 hours, background check later
o attorneys provided by US taxpayer
o 30,000 gang members OK; no problema
o foreign aid to Mexico (health care!, education) corrupt government increased
o no back taxes
o illegal immigrants cut in line ahead of legal applicants
o amnesty for those deported
o English skill necessary only after nine years
o eligible for earned income tax credit

The 2008 bill is likely to be re-introduced if necessary with these provisions, under the strong encouragement of – Obama.

Helpful reminder from Obama (below): Make sure your kids speak Spanish!


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