Change: DC Adopts Politics of Chicago

Politics, Chicago-style, have long been enviously admired by Washington DC’s wimpy, milquetoast practitioners.

Not much longer.

Thanks to Hyscience “Entering Obama time” (linked below)


Entering Obama time

David Frum’s piece at The Week speaks to a thought that passes through my mind, and lingers long enough for me to feel it on my chest like a dead weight, every morning when I wake up. That at this moment of maximum susceptibility to corruption, the United States has entrusted itself to its first president trained in the Chicago school of politics (and along with him his friends and theirs) made famous by Mayor Richard Daley and his progeny.

… We are moving toward a closer entanglement of business, finance and government than anything the United States has known since the end of World War II. In another political system, the interpenetration of power and money would spark justified fears of authoritarianism. The vice of the American political system is not authoritarianism. It is corruption.

… Perhaps the greatest misconception about Barack Obama is that he is some sort of anti-establishment revolutionary. Rather, every stage of his political career has been marked by an eagerness to accommodate himself to existing institutions.

More on America’s grave mistake and what Obama’s election more likely than not will bring us in the times ahead – with the U.S. government owning a big chunk of the nation’s financial system – and soon the automakers, too – here…

As Frum observes in his piece, it may no longer be just Chicago that isn’t ready for reform. From Atlantic to Pacific, the whole country may soon be running on ‘”Daley time.”

Chicago’s finest are flocking into DC by the ship-load; taking on powerful positions in the Obama administration, to teach extreme Chicago corruption skills to the DC lackeys. The Obama administration will certainly live up to its campaign rhetoric of “changing Washington,” if no other promise.

Undoubtedly, some of the Chicago team will populate federal prison cells soon. As they like it. Surviving in prison is a key talent of Chicago politicians. Back home, about half of them wind up in prison; or it would seem. They are definitely qualified to change Washington.


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