Obama Gov’t Will Misallocate National Resources

Keynesian spending fails every time it is tried in the real world. Hoover’s Keynesian economics failed; Roosevelt’s Keynesian economics failed; Bush’s (the younger) Keynesian economics failed.

Keynesian economics amounts to wholesale misallocation of national resources.

Obamanomics combines the worst features of Keynesian economics with the worst features of communist “economics.”

Upon the economic calamity caused by affordable, nothing-down, no-income check mortgages, Obama will heap the massive insult of disastrous Keynesian economics, all the while spreading the wealth around.

Obama’s “change you can believe in” is the formula for human, American, disaster; as he’s already shown by suing Citigroup in 1995 to write more loans to borrowers who couldn’t pay on overvalued collateral.

Here is a realistic assessment of the “Keynesian” portion of Obamanomics.


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