Change Illinois Much?

Illinois Skips Change

Illinois Skips Change

What a surprise to find out that the place that needs the most change, and the place that needs change the most by far, is the place Obama is coming from.

What happened to changing Illinois, Chairman Obama? Or maybe you did change it. Either way, the results are not satisfactory (understatement of the year).

Story about believing in imaginary change in Illinois here

December 13, 2008

How about some change we can believe in for Illinois?

Thomas Lifson

Illinois residents overwhelmingly (66%) want a special election to fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat, but the Democrat pooh-bahs won’t give it to them. That would be the only way the Democrats could lose the seat. A centrist GOP candidate like Congressman Mark Kirk might actually ride a wave of throw-the-bums-out sentiment to win a special election.


The nation now understands that Illinois politics are extremely corrupt, and that Democrats are in charge. Bracak Obama spent far more time in the Illinois Sate Senate than in the US Senate. He is an alumnus of the Statehouse Gang in Springfield.


If Obama is seriously interested in avoiding the taint, he ought to ask the Democratic overlords of Illionois to pass legislation chenaging to a special election system for vacant Senate seats, in accord with the wishes of the people.

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