Say Good-bye to the Best Health Care in the World

Two years too long, is how long nationalized health care was debated at the start of the Clinton administration. Lesson learned, enemies of free-market medicine.

Say sayonara to the best health care in the world. Your health care is about to resemble Canada’s, Britain’s, or the much vaunted health care in Cuba.

If you are a doctor in the United States, it might be time to check out positions in Argentina. If you are a doctor who moved here from Canada to practice medicine, you probably are flexible, too.

Ruler Obama and Health and Human Services head Tom Daschle are now “offensive.” At least they know it.

Moonbattery, here
And AP: Obama hopes to avoid Clinton health care missteps

President-elect Barack Obama and his aides are determined not to repeat the mistakes the Clinton administration made 15 years ago in trying to revamp the nation’s health care system. That means applying some of the lessons learned — moving fast, seizing momentum and not letting it go.
[…Obama’s point man on nationalizing the healthcare industry, Tom] Daschle maintains the efforts to bring about universal health coverage in the first two years of the Clinton presidency took too long. In a book published this year, he urged the next president to act immediately to capitalize on the good will that greets any incoming administration. His speech and recent behind-the-scenes meetings with lawmakers and consumer groups address that point.
“We need to be on the offense,” Daschle said.
…Daschle did not provide any details about how the incoming administration would pay for expanding coverage.


One Response

  1. I could not agree with you more! Keep up the good work.

    I expect we are going to have this socialized medicine rammed down our throats, by the democrats, no matter what we want, or have to say about it. They have decided THEY know what is best for America and what you or I think, or want, is of no consequence, period!

    Hang in there!

    J. D. Longstreet

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