Craptastic New Deal – New Runways For All

In communist Red China, all the infrastucture is vastly superior to ours.

That is why the communist Red China economic system is vastly superior to the failed economic philosophy of John McCain and George Bush (capitalism).

In good times, or in bad times, as the Red Chinese have demonstrated, building infrastructure is GOOD. It is a gloriously liberating discipline; liberating you from the evils of capitalism. Building infrastructure is about all that matters, actually.

Communist Red China, like its predecessor communist societies, has been successful due to the superior infrastructure they built. Ant-hills are superior because of their endemic well-developed infrastructure.

(This moron will absolutely end capitalism in America; and he will surely end America. Obama’s economic acumen is thinner than the mysterious infrastructure in communist red China that this fool celebrates).

H/T: American Pundit Good News: Obama Unveils New New Deal
From the miraculous new Office of the President Elect:


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