Shocker In Hawaii

Nobody can find the American hospital in which Obama was born!

Obama is a Natural Born Subject of Great Britain, however (presuming his father was indeed Barack Hussein Obama Senior, who certainly was subject of Great Britain)! How many of these, British subjects, have become President of the United States? If he does, Obama will be the first (since the founders, and their explicit, exquisite treatment of this specific issue in U.S. Constitution, Article 2 Section 1). If . .

Should I tell them?  No; they're dummies

Should I tell them?

. . nobody notices!

H/T: Hyscience

Great story on the Obama Conspiracy:

Now that we all understand that you can be born in Madagascar, Russia, Norway, Brazil or even Kenya like Obama and still have a REAL birth certificate that both Snopes and Factcheck would say was real since they are real. That doesn’t mean you were born in Hawaii. Does this matter to America?

Barack Obama has as of November 27th 2008 spent over$500,000 U.S. to prevent others from seeing it. Why? Didn’t he already win the vote?

. . . 

All of the people born in Korea, Kenya, Mongolia, Australia and who also have Hawaiian birth certificates also have REAL birth certificates.

This does not mean they were born in Hawaii. Get it?

EarthFrisk Blog – Shocker: Why Obama WILL NOT Be President in January


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  1. This is NOT rocket science:
    Since the Constitution’s Article II requires our President to be a “natural born citizen” (not merely “citizen” as allowed for those living when the Constitution was enacted) meaning both parents were US “citizens” when the child was born (parents not necessarily “natural born” citizens), there’s NO WAY Obama can be President — regardless of being born in Kenya OR Hawaii. Obama’s dad was NOT an American citizen. He was a citizen of the UK (ruling Kenya at the time). Case closed.

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