Political Vetting

I think it was Sarah Palin who wasn’t vetted correctly, according to MSM but according to cable news also, notably Fox News. The complaints about the incomplete, lackadaisacal vetting of Sarah Palin by John McCain came on multiple occasions each hour through the campaign, starting almost as soon as Sarah Palin was named.

Media, including cable again, flooded Alaska with researchers, producers, Journalists, and more to thoroughly “vette” Sarah Palin, or dig up any dirt they could. McCain was accused openly of not not doing his job, to vette Palin.

Media, at the insistence of Obama’s campaign, even went to the trouble to investigate McCain’s own birth, citizenship, and eligibility. Media, including cable media, acquiesced reluctantly to McCain’s eligibility, with much fluster and ado about McCain not being born in America per se.

Now we end up with, a president-elect Obama, who when over 18, traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport, when travel to Pakistan by Americans holding American passports was banned by the United States government. MSM, cable media, and Fox News, thinks they have stuck us with this unvetted, unqualified, and apparently ineligible president-elect.

Not one media source, news agency, cable or MSM or otherwise researched Obama’s travel to Pakistan; his location of birth; or the allegations of discrepancy in the purported birth certificate, beyond rubber-stamping “factcheck.org” a liberal organization on the reportedly phoney birth document with multiple discrepancies furnished by Obama.

No media outlet, not cable, not MSM, not Fox News, took a second glance at Obama’s Indonesian school registration form, which listed his adoptive father as Lolo Soetoro, and stated Obama’s citizenship as “Indonesian” and his religion as Muslim.

We have Obama, supposedly fathered by a British subject and citizen, with permanent British citizenship. If Obama was born in America, and if his mother had lived in the United States for 5 years following her 16th birthday, he could only have had dual citizenship, which makes him ineligible as a presidential candidate; regardless of exactly where he was born, and regardless as to whether Obama’s parents renounced his American citizenship when they “expatriated” him to Indonesia.

Why is it that media, both main-stream and cable, including “right-wing” but (partly) Arab-owned Fox News, vettes Republicans, or conservatives, until the cows come home; with an electron microscope; and invents problems, but utterly refuses for a single instant to question the credentials of the “progressive” candidate? Then, media complains that the conservative ticket is not vetted. Who was not vetted?


Happy Thanksgiving to all, anyway, from chillguy33.

In update, 11/27/2008 – While a minor child’s citizenship is not compromised by the acts, including expatriation, of his parents or guardians, once born, it is utterly remarkable that media attention was not called to the precise “natural born citizen” ship of the candidate, through any number of evident and obvious circumstances, including the Indonesian expatriation.

Obama admits to expired Kenyan citizenship openly. Being a poor constitutional lawyer, he neglects that this makes him a British subject at birth.


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