Which Industry Do You Destroy Next, Ruler Obama?

It took Obama and his collectivist minions approximately 30 years to utterly destroy the American mortgage industry, and with it, seemingly the entire economy of the world, once the virus law called CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) was introduced, circa 1977. Ruler Obama himself was only slashing away at this economic artery, mortgage lending, since 1985, when he began organizing jobless neighborhoods to de-organize, and de-profitize, the banks. More glib than astute, Alinsky-trained and Obama-trained community organizers can sell the idea that bank profit is bad for America, and seemingly can sell it even to banks. More important than profits, and certainly more important than risk management, are affordable mortgages. Everybody must be a home “owner.” Set government banks up in competition with the profitable banks. Government Sponsored Enterprises would buy mortgages from orignators, if the mortgages were unprofitable (risky) enough to suit social engineers; then repackage them and pass them off with government jawboning and backing. Mortgages rapidly became too affordable, and burdened with the inherent “risk” that guaranteed they would never be profitable for the holder. The truly affordable mortgage must require no down payment, of course. The banker assumes all the risk, and has no partner in the “owner” (more appropriate, occupier) of the property. Government, and the ceaseless machinations of community organizers including Obama, replaced a profitable, healthy industry absolutely beneficial to the function of the world economy with a tidal wave of financial destruction. Who owned the repackaged mortgages when the bubble burst? You did.

What other business profits are so toxic to America, Ruler Obama? Is there any profit to your liking? What is now corporate profit belongs under the control of jobless neighborhoods, as in your model progressive economies of Africa. This is your song; replace profit with progress. Take your pick, Ruler Obama; where to attack profit, capitalism, and free markets next? Can your next glorious victory eclipse the last? Can you improve on the lengthy 30 year interval, as in the case of wiping out the mortgage industry, to destroy your next profitable, capitalist industry?

The viruses for the next Obama assaults on profitable, free-market industry in America are already in place.

The next Obama disasters of economic destruction, euphemistically referred to as “change” are already blooming.

Energy and automobile manufacturing are in the cross hairs; to be subsumed or buried by bureaucratic central control. Profit, or lack of it, will not be a concern; there will be only central dictatorship, to direct these formerly free-market economic activities, when Obama “change” is realized.

The most important target industry of Obama is health care. The profit motivation, the motivation of personal gain, must be severed to “purify” this industry according to Ruler Obama’s standards. To the extent a provider makes profit, or personal gain, a patient somewhere can be imagined to have been denied some item of health care or other. To Obama, medicine is a zero-sum proposition, like economy. Competition for profit has suddenly stopped driving the evolution of the finest health care available in the world? Only bureaucratic edict can improve medicine in the United States? Without personal gain, providers will then give better care? It’s never happened anywhere in socialized medicine; or medicine operated by bureaucratic central authority. Even Obama cannot think care will improve, under such conditions. Profit troubles Obama too much.

The identity of the most immediate target, a roadblock industry to “change,” – which industry must be targeted by Obama – is no surprise. It is called Talk Radio. The surrogate of the CRA, the surrogate of the “affordable mortgage” legal virus to seed the destruction of this free-market industry has already been installed and tested by The One. The virus in this case is called “localism,” already an FCC rule. The FCC, at a hearing held at the Chicago headquarters of Jesse Jackson’s Operation Push, already received Obama’s pro-localism written statement, as of more than a year ago. Ruler Obama’s transition team is well versed in manipulating this “rule” to remove the motivation of profit from the concern of this industry. Ratings, and the economic activity of advertising, will be a distant interest, subordinate to the FCC rule of localism. The profit motivation will be severed; just as it was in the case of the American mortgage industry, and replaced with as ethereal, nonsensical a motivation as “affordable mortgages” called localism. The related economic activity will all but cease; replaced by a government which considers itself superior to, and more efficient, than free markets. A government, and a ruler, operating utterly beyond constitutional restraint.

The bureaucratically defined end of “localism” will subordinate profit, like “affordable mortgages” subordinated profit in the mortgage industry. This is change.

With the destruction of only a few more free-market industries, the whole economy will fall like overripe fruit into the grasp of the One. Ruler Obama will have succeeded where other personality aberration cults have failed.

Story here: Obama Declares War on Conservative Talk Radio


One Response

  1. It seems Obama’s actions as president will be almost identical to those of Latin American Marxist dictators elected through campaigns almost identical to Obama’s. Like them, Obama will destroy businesses, increase unemploymen and poverty, increase dependence on government’s handouts, destroy any oposition, control the media, etc. Just look at what is happening in Venezuela.

    Obama’s campaign strategies, based on lies, manipulation and fraud, were almost identical to those of Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and Rafael Correa, and also to the campaign strategies of Raila Odinga, Obama’s Kenyan relative (a Marxist thug). Even their slogans (CHANGE and YES WE CAN) were the same.

    Americans turned out to be as clueless as the most ignorant Venezuelans, Bolivians and Ecuadorians who believed in CHANGE and YES WE CAN and now see that CHANGE means change toward Marxism, loss of freedom and rights, and greater poverty, despair and corruption. And YES WE CAN means Marxists CAN fool people.

    Informed Americans must defend themselves from Obama and his hate-America associates and mentors.

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