Lobbyists Now OK With Ruler Obama

Not just OK; lobbyists are absolutely the best and the brightest! The fastest moral rehabilitation in political history.

Association with lobbyists a few days ago was morally wicked, from the very lips of The One. Worse by far than associating with homegrown terrorist Bill Ayers. In the Obama campaign, things have changed. Last week’s villains, according to Obama, lobbyists will soon be running Ruler Obama’s government! Check out the rich cast of miraculously, instantly, rehabilitated lobbyists now populating the Ruler Obama transition team, and soon to enjoy leadership posts in the Ruler Obama administration.

Barack Obama campaigned on a pledge to change Washington, vowing to upend the K Street lobbying culture he encountered when he joined the U.S. Senate.

But more than a dozen members of President-elect Obama’s fast-growing transition team have worked as federally registered lobbyists within the past four years. They include former lobbyists for the nation’s trial lawyers association, mortgage giant Fannie Mae, drug companies such as Amgen, high-tech firms such as Microsoft, labor unions and the liberal advocacy group Center for American Progress.
Mark Gitenstein, one of the 12 transition board members who will play a significant role in shaping the Obama administration, worked on million-dollar lobbying contracts with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and promoted legislation for giant defense contractors Boeing and General Dynamics. Until this fall, he was registered to petition Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission on behalf of AT&T, Merrill Lynch, KPMG, Ernst & Young and others.
Gitenstein has blue-chip credentials for the volunteer role on the Obama team. He was chief Democratic counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee during confirmation hearings for controversial Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork; was a close adviser to Vice President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s White House bid; and served as counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Quote from Ex-Lobbyists Have Key Obama Roles, washingtonpost.com

H/T: Hot Air Lobbyists in key positions in Team Obama transition team


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