Half-Wit Ruler, King of Gaffes

Certainly wish Obama continued success, even as President, making people laugh.

When Obama’s cap and trade policies make energy prices skyrocket, we will all need a good laugh.

Keep in mind the continuous, outrageous “gaffes” actually reflect the foundations of his own radical, economic and social philosophy.

His sidekick Joe Biden is not nearly as funny. Better study up, Joe. Comic relief is going to be essential for the next four years.

H/T: Gateway Pundit


One Response

  1. Obama’s “gaffes” have already harmed U.S. friends and, therefore, the U.S. During the last Presidential debate, responding to McCain’s support for Bush’s free trade proposal with Colombia, Obama repeated Chavez’s propaganda against Colombia.

    Chavez has been working hard and investing millions to undermine Colombia, the only real U.S. ally in Latin America. Obama and Chavez share much more than their determination to undermine America’s allies, such as Colombia, and help America’s enemies, such as FARC.

    Obama has a great deal in common with Chavez and also with other Latin American Marxists — Evo Morales (Bolivia) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador). Their egos, campaign strategies, promises, speaking abilities, and false Christianity (based on Liberation Theology) are very similar, and so is their eagerness to supposedly help the poor and the middle class by redistributing the wealth of those nasty rich people.

    By the way, the wealth redistribution is not helping the middle class or the poor in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. The middle class and the poor in those countries are doing much worse than before. In Venezuela, the wealth redistribution has worked only for Chavez, his cronies and his relatives, who have become millionaires.

    We need to defend the U.S. from the Marxist nightmare that Obama brings.

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