Obama No-Show At Typical White Person’s Memorial

White Grandmother Raised Him

White Grandmother Raised Him

Typical White Person – that would be the White Person who raised Obama, his grandmother.

The extent of Obama’s thanks to his white grandmother, for raising him – get under the bus, racist white bitch.

Raising Obama may have had rewards for bank vice-president Madelyn Dunham. But let’s face it, white or black, Obama’s family comes in dead last – with Obama.

This is not to say that you will come first, however. Who does come first, besides The One?

Obama won’t be attending his grandmother’s memorial service.

Obama Will Skip His Grandmother’s Memorial Today.


2 Responses

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  2. Typical White Person full of hatred and jealously. Typical White Person stating Typical Racist Views and hating for no reason other than he typically hates people of color. Typical White Post that says alot of NOTHING and spouts alot of HATRED.

    You make no sense and seem to have the intellect of a cricket.

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