Constitution Fundamentally Flawed – Obama

Get ready for change, America!

“Fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day” IS OUR CONSTITUTION.

“Enormous blind spot in this culture.”

Cultural expert and proponent, even champion, of nothing down, no-income check, subprime mortgages, so everybody can “own” real estate, comments as expert on American culture, from the boiler-room of ACORN.

Our founders FORGOT that there should be no private property in America; this must be “spread around” like bad mortgages. What could be nicer – everybody owns everything!

Economic expert Obama forgot this system has been tried; Obama is the American answer to Jugo Chavez, repeating all the World’s worst mistakes.

What else is wrong, Obama? Is the president’s term too short?

H/T: The American Pundit here.


6 Responses

  1. First Obama was a constitutional lawyer,(not) then it changed to a constitutional professor,(not) now he was just a constitutional lecturer. Trouble here is, Obama did not study the Constitution; he studied the OPINIONS of judges on the Constitution.
    Obama believes we have a ‘living’ constituion, that should change with the times.
    He also believes the presidential term should be 6 years, with the option to request a 2 year extension. Obviously, Obama is a huge fan of Larry Sabato.

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