Obama To Gut Domestic Drilling

On June 10 of this year, Obama explained that high gasoline prices aren’t really a problem for you. He stated that the reason for American anger is that the oil prices increased so rapidly; not the price itself. Obama claimed, in an MSNBC interview, that Americans would be accepting of a “gradual adjustment” to the current cost.

Note that higher prices are better, a priori.

The link is here: Hot Air Obama: I’d like higher gas prices . . .

Naturally, the You-Tube video of Obama’s revealing interview is no longer available.

It appears that now is the time to begin increasing those gasoline prices again. Obama plans to begin gutting American oil production expansion on Day 1 of his administration, by the means of executive order, according to John Podesta. Domestic drilling for not only oil, but also natural gas, necessary to heat your homes and businesses, which was enhanced by executive orders of President Bush, will be reversed in Day 1 of the Obama administration (see John Podesta: Obama Has Mandate).

Obama has a mandate from the electorate, he now believes, according to Podesta, to implement key platform line items, even submarine or secret platform line items never revealed to the same electorate by Obama or anybody else – although perhaps alluded to in videos which mysteriously disappear.

Why does Obama favor high oil and gasoline prices? It certainly cannot help the balance of payments drain on America’s economy; nor can it conceivably help control the flow of cash into the coffers of radical Islamicists. Of course, the effect of Obama’s executive orders, planned for Day 1, will be exactly the reverse. As the future of oil supply again appears limited compared to demand, as the United States government positions itself to block growth of domesitic oil production, oil prices will inevitably be forced upward. And this is precisely the result Obama wants – higher oil prices, higher natural gas prices, even higher coal prices and higher electric power prices. Obama wants you to change, and use less gasoline, use less coal, use less electricity, and keep your thermostat at a lower setting. And change you will. That is what change is all about – you are going to change. BY EXECUTIVE ORDER.

Higher oil prices, higher gasoline prices won’t make you angry, because Obama will increase them gradually (he imagines such control); back up to $4.00 per gallon as it was when Obama said that high prices weren’t a problem for you; or even higher than $4.00. But if the supply, and the visible future supply is cut, oil prices will certainly go up, and neither Obama nor anyone else can expect to control the rate.

All this is before Obama orders, enacts, or edicts a tax on carbon processing, sometimes called “cap and trade.” Cap and trade, combined with an arrogant, unexplained refusal to drill in America, will have a brutal cost to energy consumers in America. That is the intent. Further devastation of the economy does not seem to be a concern, as long as it causes you to change.

Subsequent to the June 1 interview, now missing in action, in another interview this time in San Francisco, Obama outlined his plan to skyrocket the price of coal, by invoking the most aggressive cap and trade legislation of any country; and to bankrupt anybody who built a new coal-fired power plant (see “Obama To Bankrupt Coal.)” This obvious gaffe revealed where Obama stands on energy, change, and America. Yet, it was never shown to America, and all but disappeared, like the amazing MSNBC interview of June 1, 2008.

Obama’s key, Day 1, priority line item initiative for change? Obama wants Americans to pay more for energy. He failed to explain this carefully.

With the economy faltering due to the widespread failure to make payments on affordable, nothing down, no credit check mortgages also demanded by Obama (and predecessors), now is not the time to raise energy costs to Americans or anybody else. Skyrocketing coal prices due to cap and trade taxation will be devastating to regional economies in the United States first; devastating to the entire economy of the World in short order.

Deforestation is widespread in northern India, and Kashmir (and in many other regions of the World). Deforestation is how humans stay warm when more efficient and clean forms of heating are not available or cost too much. Already there is a trend to increased wood burning to warm American homes. If transportation costs make food too expensive, Americans will resume home gardening. Home gardening is not an economically efficient way to produce food for a civilization. Americans will become hunters and gatherers, practically if Obama skyrockets the costs of energy. Americans will be less productive on the whole. And yes, Mr. Obama, Americans will consume less too.

Skyrocketing energy prices through taxation (cap and trade) would be another blow our economy cannot absorb, now or ever. We need more energy production in the United States, and more nuclear power plants, not less energy. This would be called progress. Reverting to hunting and gathering is what Mr. Obama thinks is progress, but he has got it precisely backwards, as in most things.

Therre is a discipline of study called economics. It is a social science. There is also a science called history. Mr. Obama spend too much time studying Saul Alinisky’s Rules For Radicals, a recipe for destroying economies, and not enough time studying more progressive science. Rules for Radicals, rooted in Marxism and similar ideology, caused the worldwide downfall of the finance industry, and now, in the person of Barack Obama, threatens the downfall of entire civilizations, where humans have too much energy, too much food, too many machines; and will now go burn the forests.


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  1. What is he thinking?

    Would you be interested in a reciprocal link?

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  3. I love this dialogue. Thank you for your post; although we do not agree, I am happy to see that the contry is looking at and talking these issues. Here is a video of a speech Obama gave regarding his energy plan http://welcome2green.com/green-news/obama-environment

  4. […] Economics In Reverse – ObamaCare Posted on October 31, 2009 by chillguy33 Obama likes very much skyrocketing gasoline costs, skyrocketing coal costs, and skyrocketing energy costs for Americans (see Obama To Gut Domestic Drilling). […]

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