Justice David Souter Requires Obama Birth Certificate

Update: Apparently Justice Souter has not explicitly ordered the Obama birth certificate be produced. We can not infer that Souter or SCOTUS believes the network forgery is fraudulent.

“Will SCOTUS Souter Tell Obama to Produce Birth Certificate . . .”

By December 1, Supreme Court Justice David Souter says BHO must provide an authentic birth certificate. No doubt it is a surprise to many readers that such a document has not been made available by BHO – David Souter and SCOTUS say the purported Obama birth certificate published on his web site is indeed a fraud, as has been well documented otherwise.

Another Obama Lie . . .

If Obama fails to do that, it is sure to inspire the skepticism of the Justices, who are unaccustomed to being defied. They will have to decide what to do about a president-elect who refuses to prove his natural-born citizenship.

“I can see a unanimous Court (en banc) decertifying the election if Obama refuses to produce his birth certificate,” says Raymond S. Kraft, an attorney and writer. “They cannot do otherwise without abandoning all credibility as guardians of the Constitution. Even the most liberal justices, however loathe they may to do this, still consider themselves guardians of the Constitution. The Court is very jealous of its power – even over presidents, even over presidents-elect.”

Also remember that on December 13, the Electoral College meets to casts its votes. If it has been determined that Mr. Obama is an illegal alien and therefore ineligible to become President of the United States, the Electors will be duty-bound to honor the Constitution.

What is Barack Obama hiding? Why should Obama permit the SCOTUS to become so engaged, instead of just producing the required document?

Barack Obama does not want you to see his birth certificate, and there is a considerable effort and expense and risk taken to preclude you from seeing it.

Obamasites, relax. Cable media and network media are still experiencing Journalistic Obama Orgasm; Obama could lack human DNA completely, and cable media and network media would still railroad the radical collectivist into office, because they think it is a good story today.

The real bottom line: Obama’s parents renounced his American citizenship when they emigrated him to Indonesia. Indonesia does not permit multiple citizenship. Obama NEVER reclaimed his American citizenship legally, as required. Obama is not a legal presidential candidate; nor a legal president-elect. The birth certificate is just another Obama lie.

Compulsive proclivity to lie is a trait Obama shares with cable and network media.


5 Responses

  1. What’s your source on “BHO must provide an authentic birth certificate” (being said by Souter)? I’m following this but everything I’ve seen thus far indicated that the court would only be ruling if Berg ‘has standing’ to bring the case in the Fed District Court.

  2. If Mr. Obama has nothing to hide it would be in his interest to produce his birth certificate. There is a possibility that either,as already reported, he was born in Kenya and soon after his mother traveled to Hawaii and recorded Barack Obama as if he had been born there.
    In those days, when honor was very laudable,nobody in Hawaii questioned the mother’s statement that her child was indeed born there.
    There is also another possibility that what she did (Obama”s mother) was to obtain a “delayed certificate of birth”. This practice is widely still used,without too much investigation, by third-word people,even adults, to get a non-deserved U.S. Citizenship and to fool the American people.
    Let’s wait and see.

  3. Get over it, people. He is our President, and a darn good one, and darn better than many presidents in the last couple of decades.

  4. BHO is the President, surely, but history will decide if he’s any good. This hasn’t been proven at the current time. I for one doubt that history will judge him as anything more than popular. And being President isn’t the same as being American Idol.

  5. I think the issue has been over-blown, esp. given the likely results. I have just posted one what is being lost as these webs are spun. See: http://soozah.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/consolidation-what-the-fight-is-really-about/

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