You Will Be Under The Control Of Obama

Obama fully intends, aims, and plans to control you, and to change you.

His vision is about 160 years passe (from the past), and is strikingly congruent to that of Marx and Engels. Plagiarized (Joe Biden’s expertise).

The plan is nothing new, as I said. Central government will set the prices, all prices; free markets will no longer be burdened. Thus central government will control you by setting prices as it chooses; changing you; and making you finally what you should have been all along anyway, according to the real God and Creator, Obama.

The US Constitution does not so empower the President. Obama will assume all powers, however. Sort of like an Arab sheik, or maybe Joseph Stalin.

How well did this plan work, in the past? I don’t think I recall any success from history . . . Maybe Obama forgot to study history.


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