The Leopard Shows His Spots

The Red Star is the infamous symbol of the Red Army; and the universally understood, world-wide symbol of communism and socialism. Now Obama openly adopts the red star to identify his political campaign, and his economic and political ideology. Just as Comrade Bill Ayers openly flaunts the red star (nationally televised from the front of his shirt, a few evenings ago), so does Obama.

They arrogantly call themselves socialists; but don’t dare ask them about it; else Obama’s brownshirts will turn your personal, private, secure, government history upside down, shake it, and publicize what they want from it, like they did Joe the Plumber.

Blogging also: Doug Ross @ Journal Another Obama banner features Communism’s red star.

Gateway Pundit Minnesota Obama Supporters Plant Red Star On Their Flag

Truth Comes Out

Truth Comes Out


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