Obama: Rewrite Constitution; Enormous Blind Spot

The Constitution of the United States is due for major change, quoth The Obamessiah below, expert constitutional lawyer, racist reparation aficionado, and avowed wealth redistributionist (except not his wealth). At least Obama is up front about his rabid antagonism towards our enormous blind spot, the failed economic and social philosophy of The United States Constitution.

Besides, the Constitution fails dismally in not leveling the cruel American economic playing field for those who will work, who will raise their children, who will attend school, those who repay loans, and those who will not.

We Americans lack the vision of The Obamessiah, who realizes that humans fundamentally lack self-interest, and will gladly work with complete utter self-abandon to feed anyone and everyone who won’t work, just like in the Soviet Union and Red China and Cuba. American capitalism has sabotaged and bedeviled this human design feature, which was overlooked by the framers of our flawed Constitution with the enormous blind spot.

Listen to howThe US CONSTITUTION REFLECTS FUNDAMENTAL FLAW IN THIS COUNTRY, by a social engineering genius (of extraordinary ignorance):

H/T: The American Pundit Obama: Constitution Reflects Fundamental Flaw In This Country


3 Responses

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  3. Even though Obama feels that the current constitution is “flawed”, I sincerely hope that he does not rewrite the constitution. The constitution is perfect as is. Obama truly has quite a few skewed thoughts and ideas running across his mind.

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