PLO, Terrorists For Obama

What Makes Palestinians Happy?

What Makes Palestinians Happy?

What could make the Palestinians so happy? Is it death to Israel? Is it driving the Zionists into the sea? Nothing so cataclysmic; it is only the 9-11 terrorist attack on New York and Washington they celebrate so joyously.

You will be happy to know that Palestinian sympathies lie strongly in the camp of Barack Hussein Obama. And it’s not just that they like his name(s).

Moonbattery has the story – “Palestinians Canvass for Obama

These are Palestinians celebrating the atrocities of September 11. Depending on the outcome of our election, the Gaza and the West Bank will again erupt with joy on November 5th. Via al-Jazeera, the only network in the world to outdo the BBC for sheer seething hatred of the USA and everything it stands for, here’s a report on Palestinians working from Gaza to get Obama elected:

You would think it would give even Democrats pause that people who want our entire nation destroyed and all of us killed emphatically support Obama — not that they would know anything about this particular story, with the liberal establishment media effectively blacking it out.


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