$600 Billion, per Year, for Obama Security Force

Civilian National Security Force to cost $600 BILLION every year – what for?

Just yesterday evening, Obama repeated this absurd, bizarre, insanely expensive, and dangerous, idea.

“To achieve the national security objectives that we have set.” Nothing specific, though. Perhaps to institute change. Which change?

Why does Obama need nearly 1 MILLION heavily armed brownshirts?

Will these assist in Obama’s plan for wealth redistribution? In racist reparations? In disarming civilian America? Enforcing confiscatory taxation? Dissolving congress? Just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the American military. They certainly will be well armed, as Obama describes them. Will the Obama brownshirts constitute Obama’s personal army? He hires them, he feeds them, he inspires them. Nobody but Obama ever proposed such a perverse idea; and he still has not identified a single specific need for such an expensive, redundant, force.

Which force will be superior in America? Will Obama’s brownshirts have authority over the existing US Military? One of the two massively armed forces must be superior. Is the Obama plan to Africanize America? Factionalize military resources, and toss in a grenade?

Or, perhaps it could be made very difficult indeed to remove Obama from office at the end of his legal term.

The One will have his choice of strategies, as commander-in-chief. Obama reveals his most perverse, unworkable, outrageous ideas, like wealth redistribution, or an Obama Security Force of 1 MILLION heavily armed standing, but few challenge or question the specifics.

Obama is the most dangerous threat ever faced by America. The truest, most sinister danger comes from within.


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