Economic Epitaph, Author Obama

Who forced bankers to write progressively more risky loans, from his days as an ACORN trainer, and ACORN lawyer, right up to today?

Who blocked necessary reform of the GSEs, called for by John McCain and other Republicans in 2006, and continuously before?

Who took massive political graft from FNMA and FMAC?

Who now glibly blames the resulting world-wide disaster on the evils of capitalism?

Who thinks to this day that a mortgage with nothing down and no income check is a fundamental right possessed by every person (particularly those who cannot pay) in the United States, and maybe elsewhere?


The same guy wants affordable mortgages and free health care for illegal aliens; why not?

H/T: The Astute Bloggers | Obama and Pelosi and Reid and Dodd and Baraney Frank – are part of the problem and not part of the solution


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