Audacity Of Lies

Audacity, and atrocious judgment, to lie.

Obama judges that lying to you about his Islamic upbringing, his business and “professional” and ideological relationship with William Ayers, his relationship with Jeremiah Wright, the source of the recent financial collapse (his no-pay mortgages), won’t cause you to question his veracity, leadership, and judgment.

Obama judges that he doesn’t need to produce a US birth certificate to run for President. He judges that you will take his word for the details.

Obama judges that you won’t care if he traveled on an Indonesian passport, meaning he was an Indonesian citizen and had RENOUNCED his American citizenship (Indonesia does not permit multiple citizenship).

Real leaders don’t lie, Obama. Your judgment = bad.

You won’t hear the truth about Obama, their Obamessiah, from mainstream media, or cable media.

From Pamela Geller, listen to the real truth about Barack Obama.


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