The Obama Crash of ’08

Obama Change Begins: Dow 9000, and sinking fast.

During the early 1990s, Obama was instructing ACORN community organizers in how to get their clients into nothing down, affordable mortgages. A fleet of ACORN organizers swarmed accross the country, trained by Obama, and getting disadvantaged minorities into loans they eventually would not be able to pay. Obama and ACORN lawyers sued banks for “affordable” loans. Obama’s depth charge, time bomb mortgages have come home to roost.

Obama and his subprime, submarine, nothing down, no income check, affordable mortgages, for unqualified buyers, have brought capitalism to its knees, around the world. Advisers Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, retired from screwing taxpayers at FNMA, and this year working in Obama’s campaign, are dancing in joy. Greedy capitalist markets in Europe are spewing blood.

The “economic philosophy of John McCain” is indeed failing. Obama and Saul Alinsky are winning. As is Karl Marx.

That was the plan all along! Things are definitely moving in Obama’s direction.

For his next miracle, Obama will bring into check the income of your doctors (like in Cuba). Doctor greed will be ended; doctors will no longer make more than hard-working garbage collectors. Hurrah; that should help everybody. Social engineering by The One, Obama.

Act III of Plan Obama will be the elimination of energy from America, when sun isn’t shinning, or wind not blowing. Have a nice winter. Greedy energy companies will talk to Obama, before collecting a dime.

How low will Obama push the Dow, greedy capitalist investors want to know.

The Dow, a greedy capitalist symbol, is going to ZERO. Free markets are toxic to the proletariat.

Human beings will change, and will give up their greed (or else).

The Obama Crash of ’08. Ayers: “Kill all the rich people.” The Chicago Annenberg Challenge; The Woods Fund, Saul Alinsky. Radical leftism is winning.


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