Not Your Everyday High School Mentor

Soviet Apparatchik and Obama Mentor

Soviet Apparatchik and Obama Mentor

Obama’s first communist high school mentor (not counting his mother, of course) has been officially identified by the Obama campaign. Soviet apparatchik Frank Marshall Davis was indeed he, as Obama now admits (as reported here already; and here).

The Obama campaign now(“Unfit For Publication”)

acknowledges on pages 9 and 10 of its report that the mysterious “Frank” in Obama’s 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, is in fact the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) member Frank Marshall Davis. This identification by AIM and others hasn’t been disputed by the media, which has desperately tried to ignore the Obama-Davis relationship, but the Obama campaign has not responded to it until now.

The admission that Obama’s mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, an identified CPUSA member, can only add to growing public concern about Obama’s relationship with a Communist pawn of Moscow who was the subject of security investigations by the FBI and various congressional committees which examined Soviet activities in the U.S.

According to these official documents, cited first by AIM and also by Corsi in his book, Davis was a secret CPUSA member who became a member of an underground communist apparatus in Hawaii. As late as the 1970s, Davis was involved with a CPUSA front organization, the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, dedicated to keeping foreign communists such as labor leader Harry Bridges from being deported from the U.S. Davis, a friend of Bridges, a secret CPUSA member, became Obama’s mentor during the years 1975-1979.

But the Obama report makes no admission that Davis was a communist and doesn’t dispute anything Corsi documents about Davis’s membership in the Communist Party. Instead, the report picks and chooses from Obama’s book in order to try to put some distance between Obama and Davis. The report attempts to play down instances in which Obama soaks up Davis’s anti-American thoughts and pro-communist “poetry.”

Source Obama Confirms Relationship With CPUSA Member

Nothing wrong with a communist mentor here or there; or association with Marxist professors at Columbia University; or a de-facto mentor like communist Saul Alinsky teaching the advocacy of unspecified “change,” the Obama campaign needs you to believe. The theories of Obama and his various mentors have been tried, and found toxic on a vast scale to human life. But maybe Frank Marshall Davis was not actually a “Stalinist.” Perhaps he was a Trotskyite, which was the alternative of the day. There was little difference. But Frank Marshall Davis was only the first such mentor, after Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and his grandfather Stanley Dunham. Of what influence has been the steady stream of such mentors and associations, including Dohrn and Ayers, since Frank Marshall Davis, on The One? We don’t need to find out.

From Barack Obama’s Politics

For Obama, Davis was an intriguing figure, “with his books and whiskey breath and the hint of hard-earned knowledge behind the hooded eyes.”

Dunham and his grandson would spend evenings at Davis’s dilapidated home in Waikiki, Honolulu’s main tourist district. Davis, who had raised a family with a white wife, would read his poetry and share whiskey with Dunham, Obama recalled.

Dawna Weatherly-Williams, a friend of Davis’ who also lives in Honolulu, said Dunham wanted Obama to know that there were other children like him who were part black and part white, she said.

“Stan was real proud of that,” she said, adding that it was rare to see black men with white women at the time.

Obama describes driving to Davis’ home in Waikiki after learning that his white grandmother was so afraid of a black panhandler she did not want to take the bus to work. Davis told the teenager that his grandmother was correct to feel scared because she understood African-Americans “have a reason to hate.”


2 Responses

  1. The Obama campaign did not “admit” that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s “mentor.” It only confirmed that he is the “Frank” from Obama’s book. Unsubstantiated claims of mentorship were made by Cliff Kincaid’s “Accuracy In Media,” as were false claims of “covering up” a “scandal,” in Kincaid’s continuing disinformation campaign. There is no scandal when there is no wrongdoing.

    KINCAID WROTE: But if the relationship were so innocent, why didn’t Obama identify Frank by his full name in his book and denounce his communist and anti-American views? Why doesn’t he denounce those views now?

    RESPONSE: Obama didn’t identify “Frank” by his full name in his book because he identified a number of people only by their first names. This is common practice in a memoir. I would think a journalist like Cliff Kincaid should know that. Obama probably did not (and does not) denounce his “communist and anti-American views” because Davis did not reveal any “communist and anti-American views” to Obama. What specific “communist and anti-American views” is Kincaid referrring to?

    His demand for fair wages and other benefits for workers?
    His demands for equal protection of the laws?
    His demands for freedom of the press?
    His support for a woman’s right to choose?
    His demand for integration of the armed forces?
    His support for the integration of the AFL and CIO?
    His demand to end restrictive covenants in real estate:
    His support for the Fair Employment Practices Act?
    His demand for general dismantling of all laws supporting racial segregation
    His demand for an end to laws support anti-Semitism?
    His demand for an end to nuclear weapons?
    His demand for the rights of soldiers in combat zones to vote in national elections?
    His support for a broad United Nations (not just the U.S. and Great Britain forming a world power union)?

    KINCAID WROTE: “Regarding the Davis-Obama relationship, now confirmed by the Obama campaign, the Post, as well as its “conservative” competitor, the Washington Times, recently ran a dishonest Associated Press story that portrayed Davis as a positive influence on Obama who had no affiliation with the CPUSA. This was the real lie.”

    RESPONSE: What evidence do you have that Davis was not a positive influence? If the AP’s failure to mention Davis’s affiliation with the CPUSA is a “lie,” then AIM’s portrayal of Davis’s “Red Army” poem as anti-American is ALSO a lie, because AIM failed to mention that the Red Army was an ALLY of the United States when the poem was written. If AIM-speak considers half-truths to be “lies,” then AIM may one of the world’s biggest liars because AIM columns regarding Davis are filled with half-truth’s including the facts that:

    -When Davis opposed U.S. entry into WWII, both Congress and the general population opposed U.S. entry into WWII. Failure to mention Davis’s position was the common position was a half-truth, and therefore a “lie” in AIM-speak.

    -When Davis was associated with communist-affiliated institutions, other leading African-American writers, such as Richard Wright and Langston Hughes were ALSO associated with communist-affiliated institutions. It was NORMAL for African-American writers to be associated with communist-affiliated institutions for one simple reason. According to The New Red Negro ONLY the Communist left had any significant institutional impact on African-American writing during the 1930s and 1940s. This support was crucial as the institutions that had maintained the New Negro Renaissance faded. And for better or for worse, the leading CPUSA functionaries involved in “Negro work” took a direct interest in African-American cultural production in a manner that was unusual, if not unique. Failure to mention that Davis’s association with communist-affiliated institutions was NORMAL during that period was a half-truth, and therefore a “lie” in AIM-speak.

    AIM should be careful about calling the kettle “black.” If AIM’s half-truths are added to AIM’s direct falsehoods, they may set a new record in the Annals of Prevarication.

  2. Obama’s mother’s original Social Security Number Application’sssapplication.html

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