Co-stars Che Guevara and Barack Obama

What is it about Cuban murderer and Marxist Che Guevara that so enthralls Obama-sites? If Che were still alive, perhaps he would make a good running mate for Barack. The pairing is sooo natural.

Remember the Barack Obama campaign office of Maria Isabel?

Idolizing Both Che and Obama

Guevara was Fidel Castro’s personal executioner. Every socialist dictatorship needs one. The Nazis had Heinrich Himmler, the Soviets had Felix Dzerzhinsky, the Khmer Rouge had Honcho Nuon Chea. For some reason progressives chose Guevara as the personification of the evil they embrace.

Read More: Moonbattery

Hope, and Che


5 Responses

  1. Your an ignorant asshole!!!!!!!!
    oh,,, and a douchebag

  2. @Honest Joe:

    Your momma is an ignorant asshole. Your dad’s a douchebag. You are the perfect fruit of their loins. Ignorant asshole full of douchebag-ocity.


    Happy New Year, this blog post is great.

  3. […] When communism was espoused by Cuban murderer Che Guevara, Democratics hung his picture. […]

  4. Who is the person in this snapshot?

    • I think I recall that he is a democrat judge in Ohio.

      However, the link may give some increased perspective.

      Thanks for your question.

      If I have time, I’ll check.

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