Where Are the Feminists?

A woman was abused, and strip-searched for simply going into a Starbuck’s in Saudia Arabia  (news of just yesterday; but this is typical there).   Women are denied suffrage just about everywhere in the mid-East. Women are denied schooling in Afghanistan and elsewhere in Asia under Islamic law. Women, and female children, are put to death for “honor” infringements, every day, even in Canada and in the United States. Women are chattels, not citizens, in Islamic countries; and in Islamic families. Where are the feminists?

Now, in Iran, it happens again. Two women are to be STONED TO DEATH for imaginery transgressions somehow diminishing the “honor” of their male slave-owners (what “honor” can such men possibly claim?)

The feminists are nowhere to be found. And what could be more a feminist issue?

The butchery against American, Canadian women, female children, European women and children, and Asian and African women and children, can continue; as far as feminists are concerned.

There is no logic to be found in it.


Two Women Stoned: Feminists Mum

By David Horowitz, Robert Spencer and Janet Levy
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, February 07, 2008

Two sisters – identified only as Zohreh and Azar – have been convicted of adultery in Iran.They have now been sentenced to be stoned to death.Adultery is a crime punishable by death in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in accordance with the canons of Islamic Sharia law. The Iranian Supreme Court has upheld the stoning sentence.Zohreh and Azar have already received 99 lashes for “illegal relations.” Yet they were tried again for the same crime, and convicted of adultery on the evidence of videotape that showed them in the presence of other men while their husbands were absent. The video does not show either of them engaging in any sexual activity at all.Their crime is non-existent, their trials a miscarriage of justice, and their sentencing a barbarity.


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