Obama Gets Things Rolling in Kenya

Obama Internationale

August, 2006 Photo

The man seemingly seated is Raila Odinga, whose followers are now believed to be burning Christian churches and wielding machetes against children in Kenya.

Odinga is an anti-Western Marxist; has signed pacts to invoke sharia law throughout Kenya (only 10% muslim) AND – he claims to be Obama’s cousin.

Obama is America’s leading expert on international affairs.   Apparently, his “Talks with Terrorists” initiative is well under way (It’s easy when they are your cousin).

The benefits to Kenya are rolling in (or is it the heads of Kenyans that are rolling?) 

Bad News Barack Obama 

The Kenya Connection NY SUN

Obama’s Sharia Connection in Kenya


5 Responses

  1. […] light of Obama’s Marxist, anti-Western family in Kenya, we should not be surprised at the […]

  2. […] YES – That is Obama’s stated plan.  Maybe he can fix Pakistan up, as he did Kenya.   Obama Gets Things Rolling In Kenya […]

  3. […] Obama doesn’t just want to talk with terrorists. They are his best pals; his family! See the Kenya Connection here. […]

  4. […] nigt why he associated himself with this man, raila the tyrant!!. look at this post and others. https://porcupinerim.wordpress.com/2008/02/03/obama-gets-things-running-in-kenya/   THE KENYA WE WANT IS THE KENYA WE AS WANANCHI BUILD POLITICIANS DO NOT BUILD KENYA […]

  5. […] Bob, you had nothing to do with this, life is cruel. But if you dressed up as Kagan and told the kenyan muslim you didn’t want to be the next radical left-wing communist he uses to  infiltrate the […]

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