Al Qaeda Dealt a Devestating Defeat

US military says 51 Qaeda leaders killed or captured

The US military said on Wednesday that 51 Al-Qaeda leaders were killed or captured by multinational forces in Iraq during December, as efforts to close down the Islamist extremist group intensified.
. . .
Among those captured was the leader of Al-Qaeda in the northern city of Baiji and the regional leader in charge from west Baghdad to Fallujah, Bergner said, adding that several had direct contact with Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri.
. . .
“Iraqis have increasingly rejected Al-Qaeda in Iraq and their indiscriminate violence, the Taliban-like ideology and the barbaric torture and intimidation,” said Bergner.

What a massive, devestating defeat is being handed to al Qaeda in Iraq, starting about August of last year, and gaining momentum every month since. Whatever rage Iraqis have, is being directed at al Qaeda. Iraq may become a template for American and multinational victory over terrorism in Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Congratulationis to Iraqis, and to our valiant military forces, on this brilliant victory.


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