State Department Pwnd Again

Kim Jong-Il has had his way, again, with our State of Denial Department. Will they never tire of it? But who suffers the most? The peasants of North Korea will continue to starve another year, as Kim feeds his 1.4 million-man army instead of them. State just cannot bring itself to give up on the diplomatic “solution”, and go after this communist murderer hard.

The Rosett Report: Meanwhile, in North Korea… “brilliant reality”

The State Department may regard this farce as clever diplomacy. But in the real world it is called paying nuclear extortion. It amounts to a giant billboard flashing the message to rogue regimes that if you just get your hands on nuclear weapons, America will jump through hoops for you, too. With nuclear Pakistan in tumult, with Iran closing in on the bomb, is that a message the White House ought to be broadcasting?

Kim is crawfishing fast on the latest “deal.”


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