Obama’s Move, In Capsule

Not ONE DIME more;

He’ll take it all.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

Obama Prostrates US For Arab King

The decorum of British royalty was not exactly to the taste of Barack and entourage.

Here is some royalty whose decorum he prefers:

Obama Obesiance is your obeisance

Obama Obesiance is your obeisance

Maybe Obama wants to petition them to cut oil production and raise the price, to combat global warming; in case cap-and-trade doesn’t pass. Since Obama is mostly of Arab descent on his cited father’s side, it may be that he is not aware that Arabs took more African slaves than Britain did. Or that Arab enslavement of Africans continues today; but maybe he doesn’t care. Obama has a slave program of his own (and here) in preparation for the US.

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And here: Obama’s Unreciprocated Bow is Gesture of Subservience

And here: Well, at least he didn’t kiss his feet

Black Enslavement: Arab and European Compared

Slavery in modern Africa

Obama Packing DC With Tax Cheats

It’s an interesting strategy; a bold new initiative of the Obama presidency. Put as many tax cheats as possible into top executive branch slots in DC. What exactly is crafty devil Obama plotting? Affirmative action for tax cheats?

Here’s the latest Obama Tax Dodger who is absolutely the best and only U.S. Trade Representative to change and clean up Washington DC; as neatly as Obama pencil whips earmarks.

Taxes are for suckers to pay.

Taxes are for suckers to pay.

Ron Kirk joins other Obama expert, unvetted Tax Dodger appointments: Geithner, Killefer, Daschle, and Hilda Solis

Kirk routinely gave any speaking fees he earned to Austin College, the committee said, and did not list them on his tax returns.
Instead, the committee said he should have listed the fees as income, then claimed them as charitable donations. The estimated effect was to reduce Kirk’s tax bill by an estimated $5,800, according to the report.
Kirk also deducted more than $17,000 as entertainment expenses for the cost of Mavericks’ tickets. The committee said he substantiated about $9,900 of that amount, and will owe about $2,600 in taxes on the balance.
Kirk also overstated the value of a television he donated, valuing it at $3,000 instead of $1,500, the committee found. And he did not have an acknowledgment letter for a $900 donation.

Tax Problems Surface for Trade Rep. Nominee Kirk

Good news: Another Obama appointee owes back taxes

Obama Pooches From the Woodwork

How many strikes, Obama?

How many strikes, Obama?

Another Obama dog won’t hunt.

This one “failed, for a year and a half, to pay employment taxes on household help . .”

Story here: Obama’s chief performance officer quits

She is not the first nominee to withdraw her nomination – New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson withdrew from consideration as Commerce secretary in the midst of an investigation of state contracting. Obama will appoint another candidate this morning, New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg, a Republican.

Another, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, is facing considerable controversy over his nomination as secretary of Health and Human Services for a much bigger tax problem – more than $120,000 in back income taxes recently paid. And another, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, won Senate confirmation despite a smaller tax problem of his own which had been uncovered in his vetting.

No Wonder Democrats Want Higher Taxes!

Al Franken shows his Obama administration mettle

Al Franken shows his Obama administration mettle

They don’t have to pay any taxes.

And, say, how about paying their taxes for them? You know that is exactly what you are doing.


Now comes Rahm Emanuel, asking you to pay taxes on free rent he received from his business associates. And you would LOVE to do it for him, wouldn’t you? Rahm wants to raise your taxes, and his taxes. But you pay his taxes.

Another Possible Obama Tax Problem?    [Mark Hemingway]

Daily News:

The White House chief of staff [Rahm Emanuel] said this week that he did not pay rent during the five years he bunked at the Capitol Hill home of Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn). But that raises questions whether Emanuel reported the rent-free lodging to Congress, since DeLauro is married to pollster Stan Greenberg. And will either of the parties report what could be “imputed income” to the IRS? Reps for Emanuel and DeLauro argue that House Ethics rules allow “hospitality between colleagues.”

UPDATE: Both Rahm Emanuel and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (which Emanuel was formely the chairman of) are listed as clients on the website of Stan Greenberg’s polling company.

How about paying Al Franken’s taxes for him, capitalist pig. He is a good guy and pretty funny. Ha ha.

Why don’t you just pay the taxes of the entire swarm of tax cheats called the Obama administration.

Story here: Al Franken: Yet Another Tax Cheat Democrat

Tax-Exempt Cabinet

Change: there is a new criterion of the discerning, omniscient Alinskyite ruler! Accolytes will have demonstrated mastery of manipulating the IRS.

Hell no, I don't pay taxes.  Capitalists pay taxes.

Hell no, I don't pay taxes. Capitalists pay taxes.

Story here: Solis Senate Session Postponed in Wake of Husband’s Tax Lien Revelations

Today’s executive session was postponed to allow members additional time to review the documentation submitted in support of Representative Solis’s nomination to serve in the important position of Labor Secretary,” read a joint statement issued by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), the panel’s chairman, and Mike Enzi (Wyoming), the committee’s ranking Republican. “There are no holds on her nomination and members on both sides of the aisle remain committed to giving her nomination the fair and thorough consideration that she deserves. We will continue to work together to move this nomination forward as soon as possible.”

No new date has been set for the hearing. The disclosure about Solis’s husband comes after tax problems caused trouble for three of Obama’s top appointees, leading two of them — HHS-nominee Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer, who was to be chief performance officer — to withdraw.

Affordable Mortgages For All

Want an affordable, no income check mortgage?

Want an affordable, no income check mortgage?

Doug Ross @ Journal has it.

Change: DC Adopts Politics of Chicago

Politics, Chicago-style, have long been enviously admired by Washington DC’s wimpy, milquetoast practitioners.

Not much longer.

Thanks to Hyscience “Entering Obama time” (linked below)


Entering Obama time

David Frum’s piece at The Week speaks to a thought that passes through my mind, and lingers long enough for me to feel it on my chest like a dead weight, every morning when I wake up. That at this moment of maximum susceptibility to corruption, the United States has entrusted itself to its first president trained in the Chicago school of politics (and along with him his friends and theirs) made famous by Mayor Richard Daley and his progeny.

… We are moving toward a closer entanglement of business, finance and government than anything the United States has known since the end of World War II. In another political system, the interpenetration of power and money would spark justified fears of authoritarianism. The vice of the American political system is not authoritarianism. It is corruption.

… Perhaps the greatest misconception about Barack Obama is that he is some sort of anti-establishment revolutionary. Rather, every stage of his political career has been marked by an eagerness to accommodate himself to existing institutions.

More on America’s grave mistake and what Obama’s election more likely than not will bring us in the times ahead – with the U.S. government owning a big chunk of the nation’s financial system – and soon the automakers, too – here…

As Frum observes in his piece, it may no longer be just Chicago that isn’t ready for reform. From Atlantic to Pacific, the whole country may soon be running on ‘”Daley time.”

Chicago’s finest are flocking into DC by the ship-load; taking on powerful positions in the Obama administration, to teach extreme Chicago corruption skills to the DC lackeys. The Obama administration will certainly live up to its campaign rhetoric of “changing Washington,” if no other promise.

Undoubtedly, some of the Chicago team will populate federal prison cells soon. As they like it. Surviving in prison is a key talent of Chicago politicians. Back home, about half of them wind up in prison; or it would seem. They are definitely qualified to change Washington.

Chairman Obama Clears Team, Self

Chairman Obama recently ordained that his team, and he, is clear of any complicity in Chicago’s Blagojevich abomination, according to the Los Angeles Times, here.

American Journalists, with a very few notable exceptions (Parsons & McCormick), breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Unfortunately for Obama, Obama is operating from his home ground of Chicago! (The Journalists said it; no kidding).

H/T: Obama’s First Miracle Riehl World View

Obama Gov’t Will Misallocate National Resources

Keynesian spending fails every time it is tried in the real world. Hoover’s Keynesian economics failed; Roosevelt’s Keynesian economics failed; Bush’s (the younger) Keynesian economics failed.

Keynesian economics amounts to wholesale misallocation of national resources.

Obamanomics combines the worst features of Keynesian economics with the worst features of communist “economics.”

Upon the economic calamity caused by affordable, nothing-down, no-income check mortgages, Obama will heap the massive insult of disastrous Keynesian economics, all the while spreading the wealth around.

Obama’s “change you can believe in” is the formula for human, American, disaster; as he’s already shown by suing Citigroup in 1995 to write more loans to borrowers who couldn’t pay on overvalued collateral.

Here is a realistic assessment of the “Keynesian” portion of Obamanomics.


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