Obama Approval – O’Bottom Fails Again

The O'Bottom Fails Again

The O'Bottom Fails Again

The O’Bottom relentlessly rips and tears its way towards the infernal regions. Obama was going to be focused like a laser on creating jobs. But, thinks Obama, when there are no jobs, America will have a crisis. America without jobs is GOOD. And Obama loves crises. Obama is the master of crisis. So Obama focuses like a laser on railroading nationalized health care that AMERICANS ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT.

Job approval means nothing to Obama. He is IMMUNE to public opinion. He is Obama on a mission. Obama is on a mission to the bottom.

The Obama approval chart is monotonous; and miserably close to monotonic.

As Obama approval falls, his ability to strongarm Democrats into line on any vote dissipates. Obama’s childish insistence of nationalizing health care above getting jobs for Americans will defeat him. Obama will defeat himself.

Kenya Is Swarming With Birthers

Any Kenyan will tell you exactly where Obama was born. And the place is not in Hawaii.

We better hurry (to send him back). Kenya will rapidly join Massachusetts!

How long 'til even Kenyan birthers desert Obama?

How long 'til even Kenyan birthers desert Obama?

H/T: Moonbattery Does This Mean We Can Send Him Back?

The Obama Debacle

We are reading that Al Gore must have visited DC yesterday. Al Gore has the uncanny ability to summon frigid weather wherever he goes. This is widely called the “Gore Effect.”

The “Gore Effect” arises because Al Gore is stupid, however rich. Al Gore really believes, and Al Gore insists earth is warming, when it is not. Al Gore depends entirely on earth warming, but nobody he trusts will tell him it is not. Al Gore has a retinue of feeble-minded servants called media or journalists, who sell his deviant, denialist psychology to America and the world, as if it was kool-aid. Al Gore’s misperception is perfectly reinforced by journalism.

An astonishing parallel is unfolding in the unfortunate Obama Administration. Democrats, Obama’s cadre, are abandoning ship in an avalanche. Democrats are fleeing the political venue AND PROMISING NOT TO RETURN. Democrats everywhere in government are feverishly making alternative career plans. The prevailing smell is that of fear, from the progressive side of politics. Every Democrat now has or is developing an exit strategy, with the possible exception of Joe Lieberman. And, there is all-time record breaking deep snow in Washington DC.

Obama insists voter psychology is firmly under control. Obama has a retinue of feeble-minded servants called media or journalists who tirelessly sell his deviant, denialist psychology to America and the world, as if it was kool-aid.

We are witnessing a rare event in American politics; the utter and complete implosion of a political party. The Obama Debacle is a death-spiral of much greater proportion than the quiet **pop** of Al Gore’s global warming.

Obama’s feeble-minded servants are incapable of informing Obama of the unfolding debacle; instead, the message from media is about an imaginary rift between journalism’s “the tea party” and the GOP.

Obama, and journalism are absolutely tone deaf. There is not a clue among all of them about the Obama debacle which is unfolding. Obama suffers from negative feedback; the response Obama receives today from media continues exactly the same as it was during his campaign heyday: Obama, like Al Gore and the IPCC, can do nothing wrong.

Democrats are not much concerned about journalism’s imaginary rift between the GOP and the “Tea Party.” They have more important business – they are running for their lives, away from politics, and away from Obama.

The Obama Debacle is a gift that will not stop giving, possibly during my life. Thank you, journalism.


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