Former Expert

15 short months ago, Obama was THE highly acclaimed (by journalists) expert in absolutely everything.

Let us count the ways.

Obama was expert in fixing health care.
Obama was expert in negotiating with Iran and Achmedinejhad.
Obama was expert in closing Guantanamo.
Obama was expert in replicating vastly superior mainland Chinese infrastructure.
Obama was expert in saving the Earth from global warming, by skyrocketing energy costs.
Obama was expert in American legal rights of terrorists.
Obama was expert in affordable mortgages.
Obama was expert in automobile manufacturing.
Obama was expert in securing the Olympics for Chicago.
Obama was expert in relations with Europe.
Obama was expert in getting lobbyists out of government.
Obama was expert in government transparency and openess.
Obama was expert in funding ACORN.
Obama was expert in change.

But Obama has failed in living up to every single facet of his astonishing journalism-certified personal acumen.

But, Obama is still and truly the reigning champion expert, of lying, of all history; and I see no possible more effective lying competition on the horizon.

Journalism’s annointed Christ-successor Obama can yet realize his potential. He will obviously become a journalist; since community organizing is too much like work.

Iran Negotiations Yield Higher Uranium Enrichment

Whoops, Obama has made another mess. Training puppies might be better conducted BEFORE they become POTUS.

This puppy has never demonstrated the slightest inclination to learn, however; we can now have confidence training him is hopeless.

15 months ago, Obama was EXPERT in negotiating with Iran.

Defiant Iran set to begin higher enrichment of uranium


Obama thought he knew everything about everything.

The unfortunate Obama chapter in American government is ending, we are grateful; much like global warming ended, except Obama is a real flash-in-the-pan.

The lie called “global warming” lasted 30 years; Obama lasted barely 15 months.

A new and better day will dawn, very soon.

We should forget the immediate and ugly past, for a while. Look forward. This music may be a help to you, as it is to me. I hope you find it both soothing, and uplifting.

Who Sucks More Than Obama Does?

A lot of folks do -the ones who pushed the affirmative action dilettante as America’s commander-in-chief do most of the sucking in the world.

It is possible that journalism in America is the greatest sucking engine ever devised in the universe. Ask Andrew Breitbart, who agrees with me.

H/T: Andrew Breitbart at National Tea Party Convention to Media: “It’s Not Your Business Model That Sucks, It’s You That Sucks” (Video) Jim Hoft @ Gateway Pundit

The Obama Debacle

We are reading that Al Gore must have visited DC yesterday. Al Gore has the uncanny ability to summon frigid weather wherever he goes. This is widely called the “Gore Effect.”

The “Gore Effect” arises because Al Gore is stupid, however rich. Al Gore really believes, and Al Gore insists earth is warming, when it is not. Al Gore depends entirely on earth warming, but nobody he trusts will tell him it is not. Al Gore has a retinue of feeble-minded servants called media or journalists, who sell his deviant, denialist psychology to America and the world, as if it was kool-aid. Al Gore’s misperception is perfectly reinforced by journalism.

An astonishing parallel is unfolding in the unfortunate Obama Administration. Democrats, Obama’s cadre, are abandoning ship in an avalanche. Democrats are fleeing the political venue AND PROMISING NOT TO RETURN. Democrats everywhere in government are feverishly making alternative career plans. The prevailing smell is that of fear, from the progressive side of politics. Every Democrat now has or is developing an exit strategy, with the possible exception of Joe Lieberman. And, there is all-time record breaking deep snow in Washington DC.

Obama insists voter psychology is firmly under control. Obama has a retinue of feeble-minded servants called media or journalists who tirelessly sell his deviant, denialist psychology to America and the world, as if it was kool-aid.

We are witnessing a rare event in American politics; the utter and complete implosion of a political party. The Obama Debacle is a death-spiral of much greater proportion than the quiet **pop** of Al Gore’s global warming.

Obama’s feeble-minded servants are incapable of informing Obama of the unfolding debacle; instead, the message from media is about an imaginary rift between journalism’s “the tea party” and the GOP.

Obama, and journalism are absolutely tone deaf. There is not a clue among all of them about the Obama debacle which is unfolding. Obama suffers from negative feedback; the response Obama receives today from media continues exactly the same as it was during his campaign heyday: Obama, like Al Gore and the IPCC, can do nothing wrong.

Democrats are not much concerned about journalism’s imaginary rift between the GOP and the “Tea Party.” They have more important business – they are running for their lives, away from politics, and away from Obama.

The Obama Debacle is a gift that will not stop giving, possibly during my life. Thank you, journalism.

Obama Botches KSM Trial

The perfect sequitur of “Obama” is “botches.”

Obama, Obama’s press secretary, AND Obama’s attorney general have arrogantly insisted to Americans, that KSM will be found guilty and executed.

Perhaps these fellows have an “in” with federal courts! (If they do, they have made the end of America).

NO FEDERAL JUDGE WILL PERMIT TRIAL OF KSM, as dimwits Obama, Holder, and Gibbs have promised.

These ultimate morons have PISSED on all possibility of fair trial. These heros of New York: Obama, Holder, and Gibbs, may have written a PASS for 9-11 mastermind KSM.

New York remains oblivious, what a surprise.

AP Photo: Trial not timely; jury tainted; interrogation illegal

Experts: Obama Administration’s Mishandling of 9/11 Trials Threatens Conviction

The Obama administration’s mishandling of the upcoming trial of confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is tainting any potential jury pool and crippling the ability of the civilian criminal justice system to guarantee a fair trial, according to experts. Both President Obama and his press secretary have said that Mohammed and his co-defendants would be tried, convicted and executed.

Judicial Watch President Thomas Fitton told Newsmax that “under our system, the argument that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has before a court asking the case be thrown out would be substantial. He would be able to claim Obama’s comments taint the prosecution and that their clients’ rights under the Speedy Trial Act had been violated. (AP Photo)

Obama Identifies US Navy Hero as “Corpse Man”

Journalists have told you that Obama is a polished speaker; he is first a polished liar.

And, his teleprompter has let him down, hard.

Perhaps the teleprompter is left-over from the Bush Administration, Obama will claim. Absolutely not a chance, Obama. There is a new tradition in the White House – arrogance balanced perfectly with ignorance.

Government IS Broken – Response, Obama Laughs

Health Care was NEVER broken. But even Democrats admit government IS broken.

480,000 more jobs lost in last month. Or was that jobs saved by Obama? Yep; government reports it is saving jobs, while vast numbers of Americans are still becoming unemployed. Government dithers repairing UNDAMAGED, UNBROKEN, health care; and reports it is saving jobs. Government is broken.

H/T: Gateway Pundit Yuk-Yuk… Obama and Democrats Get Together- Crack Jokes About $1.4 Trillion Deficit (Video)

Freak, Lying Phenom Shatters All Records

LPOTUS shames his homeland, wherever that is, by ripping off 16 BIG LIES in only 7 minutes.

The biggest lie of this freak, to freeze government spending, isn’t even’t counted.

H/T: 16 Lies in 7 Minutes– Obama’s State of the Union Address


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